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2023:  SLOVENIA – Maribor and Koper

  • 17th. edition of the International Choral Competition Gallus-Maribor

    • Finalist

  • 15th. edition of the Koper International Choir Festival

2022:  PUERTO RICO – San Juan

  • 66th. edition of the Casals Festival

2021:  PUERTO RICO – San Juan

  • 65th edition of the Casals Festival

2019:  ECUADOR – Guayaquil and Quito

  • 41st. International Choral Festival “El Canto Coral Hermana a los Pueblos

  • 6th. International Festival "Voces desde la Mitad del Mundo"


2017:  ITALY – Rome, Arezzo, Sardinia, Dorgalia and Olbia

  • 65th Edition of the Guido d’Arezzo International Polyphonic Competition

    • Third place in the secular category


  COLOMBIA – Piedecuesta (Santander)

  • VI International Festival of Choirs and Sacred Music of Piedecuesta

(Choral festival in which we share with choirs from Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela)

2016:  SPAIN – Alicante

  • 62nd. Edition of the Torrevieja Habaneras and Polyphony Contest

    • Second place in the Polyphony category

    • Third place in the Habaneras category

   FRANCE – La Romaine and Avignon

  • Participation in the Festival of Laureate Choirs

2015:  CUBA – Havana

  • Concerts in Havana with renowned Cuban choirs (among them, Exaudi / María Felicia Pérez; Entrevoces / Digna Guerra; Schola Cantorum Coralina / Alina Orraca)


2014:  HUNGARY – Debrecen

  • Finalist at the European Grand Prix of Choral Singing 2014


2013:  GERMANY – Marktoberdorf

  • 13th Marktoberdorf International Chamber Choir Competition 2013 (Germany)

    • Second Category: Very good international choir

FRANCE – Tours

  • Vocal Florilège of Tours

    • Second place in Mixed Choir category

    • Second place in category  of Renaissance

  • Winner Grand Prix Ville de Tours

    • Finalist for European Grand Prix of Choral Singing 2014


2011:  ARGENTINA – Province of Buenos Aires

  • 5th. edition of the "Festival Mundial Buenos Aires Coral" 

2010:  GERMANY – Passewalk

  • Concert at St. Maria Church in Passewalk (Germany)

  POLAND – Szczecin, Poznań, Sopot and Murowana Goślina

  • 7th Szczecin International Choral Festival

    • Gala Concert at the Philharmonic Hall

    • Concert in the Boguslaw Hall of the Pomeranian Duke's Castle

  • 6th. Mundus Cantant International Choral Festival of Sopot

    • Concert at the Oliwa Cathedral in Poznań

    • Concert at the Gwiazda Morza Church in Sopot

    • Concert at Murowana Goślina Community School


2009:  ITALY – Gorizia, Bologna and Venice

  • 48va. edition of the International Choral Music Competition C.A. Seghizzi 2009 (Gorizia)

    • First place in Renaissance Polyphonic Music

    • First place in Folk Music

    • Second place in the Historical Polyphonic Program

    • Special Award for Best Performance of a Polyphonic Work

    • Special Award for Best Chamber Choir

    • First Finalist in the Seghizzi Grand Prix - Second Nations Trophy

  • Concert for the National Federation of Italian Choirs (Roveredo in Piano)

  • Concert at the Cathedral of San Giacomo Maggiore (Bologna)

  • Concert in the Church of San Francesco della Vigna (Venice)

  PUERTO RICO – San Juan

  • 53rd. edition of the Casals Festival


2008:  CZECH REPUBLIC – Prague, Tachov and Olomouc

  • 36th. Olomouc Song Festival

    • Absolute Winner Award – best choir of all choirs (167 international choirs)

    • 3 Gold Medals

      • Sacred music

      • Polyphony for Chamber Choir

      • Folk music

  • Concert in St. Nicholas Church, Prague

  • Concert in the village church of Tachov


2007:  SPAIN – Catalonia and Alicante

  • Cantonigrós International Musical Festival (Catalonia)

    • First Place - Folklore

  • Concert in the church of Tavertet (Catalonia)

  • Concert at the Pau Casals Auditorium in El Vendrel (Catalonia)

  • 53rd. Torrevieja Habaneras and Polyphony Contest (Alicante)

    • First place – Polyphony

    • Unique award – Folklore

    • Second highest score - Habaneras


2006:  SPAIN – Basque Country and Aragon

  • 38th Tolosa Choral Competition

    • First place – Folklore

    • Best interpretation of a Basque work

  • Concerts in Bera de Bidasoa, Eibar, Azpeitia, Muzquiz and Zarautz

  • Concert in Borja, Aragon

2005:  UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – New Jersey and New York

  • Concert at Kean University (New Jersey)

  • Concert at Hostos College (New York City)

CANADA – New Foundland

  • 500 Music Festival, St. Johns, Newfoundland


2004:  SPAIN – Alicante

  • 50th Torrevieja Habaneras and Polyphony Contest

    • Unique award – Folklore

    • Third place – Habaneras


2003:  UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – New York and Connecticut

  • Concert at Carnegie Hall in celebration of the centennial of the UPR (New York)

  • Concert at the Museo del Barrio (New York)

  • Workshop and concerts at Manchester High School, Manchester (Connecticut)


   ITALY – Dressing room

  • 10th Orlando Di Lasso International Choral Festival

    • Orlando Di Lasso Cup for the highest score of all choirs in all categories       

    • Folklore Cup for the best Folklore interpretation

    • Gold Medal - Polyphony

    • Gold Medal - Folklore

  • Concerts in Tolentino and Loretto



  • Tour with the UPR Centennial Choir


2001:  VENEZUELA – Barquisimeto

  • Vinicio Adames International Choir Festival


2000:  MEXICO – Yucatan

  • 8th Mérida International Choir Festival


1998:  MEXICO – Guadalajara

  • Opening concert at the Book Fair

1997:  UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – Washington, DC

  • 60th tour. Anniversary of the UPR Choir (Philadelphia, New York and Washington, DC)

1994:  ECUADOR – Guayaquil

  • Tour sponsored by the University of Guayaquil

1990:  CUBA – Santiago de Cuba

  • Caribbean Culture Festival in Santiago de Cuba

1988:  VENEZUELA – Caracas

  • International Festival of Latin American Choirs in celebration of the 45th. Anniversary of the Choir of the Central University of Venezuela

1986:  VENEZUELA – Caracas

  • Tour to Caracas sponsored by the Central University of Venezuela

1984:  DOMINICAN REPUBLIC – Santo Domingo

  • 1st. International Choral Festival of University Choirs – Autonomous University of Santo Domingo


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