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Hello to all our readers! I am Alejandra Cardona García, soprano, and I am part of Coralia –Concert Choir of the University of Puerto Rico–. Welcome to CRESCENDO: Rising Voices, a new monthly blog where we will explore together the exciting experiences and achievements of Coralia.

After returning from our 2023 International Tour in Maribor, Slovenia, the main Puerto Rican choral group, Coralia, has stood out for its participation in local stages, proudly representing Puerto Rican talent and our university. The year 2023 witnessed a period of self-discovery and learning for both the choristers and our conductor, Dr. Carmen Acevedo Lucío. These months were marked by the incorporation of new repertoire and participation in various stages. However, the holiday season completely occupied our agendas, a time when music and the fine arts integrate into the magic of Christmas.

Coralia shone brightly in its first official post-tour activity, marking the long-awaited return to our University of Puerto Rico Theater with the concert Navidad en Casa (Christmas at Home). Since 2019, we had not had the opportunity to step onto the stage of the Theater and share a significant event with the university community. Likewise, we sought to provide an exhibition and collaboration space for other musical groups at the Río Piedras Campus. We are extremely satisfied with the positive response, appreciating the warmth of the audience that always supports us and that we missed so much.

At Plaza las Américas, the well-known shopping center that attracts people of all ages during the holiday season to witness the "snow" falling in its central atrium, Coralia had the opportunity to perform villancicos (traditional carols) three times for various audiences. We greatly enjoyed sharing our talent, bringing a message of peace, happiness, and gratitude to those who always support us, as well as to those who heard us for the first time during their Christmas shopping.

Finally, the holiday season ended spectacularly, with a golden key, by visiting the City of Ponce. We had the honor of sharing the stage with our sister choir from the University of Puerto Rico, Ponce Campus. This concert marked the perfect end to the festivities, allowing us to overcome the holiday break and start a season full of great goals for Coralia. It was also an opportunity to appreciate the talent of other campuses in the public university system of the country. Join us in this new chapter of our musical journey!



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